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stardustcity's Journal

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My name is Amanda & I am 17. I am outspoken and can be brutally honest. I like animals more than most people. I am going to be a senior and want to be a zoologist.

I support the president but that doesn't mean I agree with every single thing he does. Nor does that mean I disagree with all democratic ideas.

I dislike homophobia, liars, and attention queens.

I like rock music but I don't dress "goth". I grew out of that years ago. I think that I am very intelligent and many people have told me I should be a writer. I can't draw for shit but I wish I could.

I like neopets and reading. I'm a good friend and a good listener. I have a lovely boyfriend who I've been with for 3 years.

This journal is 100% friends only. You can try adding me but I doubt you'd succeed. Due to paranoia and trust issues I usually only add people that I find on random.

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